The Cherry Blossom Festival From Washington DC

Image credit: Mike Olness

The Cherry Blossom Festival From Washington DC
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After living in the DC area for several years, we finally visited the Cherry Blossom Festival near peak bloom.

People travel from all over the world to see these trees come into bloom. For us, it is just a quick ride on the Metro.

The Masonic Temple along the Metro route. Not bad for a picture through the dusty window. Walking out onto the Mall was a bit of a struggle. The number of people was incredible. The red light says it all. Stop, you're not going anywhere. After a collection of weird weather over the past few days, We had great weather for our trip to see the Cherry Blossoms. Even with all the people, you could still find amazing views amongst the trees. About the only place in the city where you're not being squeezed among the people is out on the paddle boats. On such a nice day, riding on the Tidal Basin would be a great way to see the trees and people watch. The light shade of pink really makes the trees stand out. While we have trees in bloom all over the area, most are a full white. It's that pink that makes them identifiable from a distance. Let's take a closer look! Narrowing in on just one bunch. Narrowing in on just one bunch. A brief moment of sun as it clears the clouds. A bit of sun lights up the trees one last time this afternoon. One last burst of light before calling it quits. Altough it looks like a nice calm picture, I got bumped by the people behind me at least a dozen times trying to get this shot. It was fun, but so crowded. If you focus on the blooms, the crowds seem to just disappear. I couldn't resist grabbing a quick shot of a presidential detail helicopter flying around the Tidal Basin. Even the Lincoln memorial is crowded. By shooting above the crowd, you get a nice view of the Washington Monument and the Capital building. Arlington Cemetery is our final destination for the day. It was a relaxing walk down the Mall and across the river. A lone visitor sits on the edge to enjoy the view of the cherry trees behind us. (Lower right corner of the memorial.) The guardians of the bridge The guardians of the bridge watch over the growing traffic. A final look back at the Lincoln Memorial Coming into the cemetery, you are greeted by some amazing views. As we walked across the Johnson Memorial Bridge, we came to these guys at the entry to Arlington Cemetery. Not a bad photo for the last of the day!

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