Dillon, day 190 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 190 of my life in DC!
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Dillon, days 190 of my life in DC! Monday, 17 April 2017

Yes, Spring has finally hit Springfield, Virginia. Well, I actually think we skipped most of Spring if you judge by the heat, but that’s okay. This weekend it was way up in the 80’s, and the sun was definitely shining. You know what that means don’t you? That means all the varmints are out running around, so Micky and I get lots of exercise trying to catch them. After watching Micky though, I realize I have a lot to learn. Micky the Mouse Hunter is back and in fine form. She may not be what you would call an “active” dog, but when it comes to hunting, there’s no one who can keep up with her! It’s going to be a long summer for the varmints in the area. Friday brought the first kill of the season with an unlucky little mouse that tried sneaking out of the yard. Hold on, hold on! This is Micky taking over for a minute. You hear all this nonsense about hunting and how good I am at it? What you’re not hearing right now is all the crap I take for digging in the yard. I’m always getting dirty looks for digging in the yard, especially when I come inside with muddy feet. Let me catch a mouse though, and all of a sudden I’m the good dog. All that mud on my nose is forgiven and Dad parades my trophy around before getting rid of it. Does anyone else think there’s something unfair about this? Yeah, yeah, get away from my computer and my ghostwriter. Life is unfair! Get over it! This is Dillon again. Don’t tell Micky, but I think she has a point. Mom & Dad aren’t thrilled about her digging in the yard because it slows down their efforts to get grass growing and muddy paw prints don’t really go with Mom’s decor. When she shows up with dead mouse or mole though, everyone is so proud of her. In fact, when Dad sees her hunting, he gets all excited and even helps root out the little buggers. He’s her biggest fan! I try to get into the game too. I’m not so good at hunting for the little critters that hide in the ground or under the bricks and stuff, but I’m all about chasing the ones I can see. Every day when Micky and I come out to patrol the yard, one of our first inspections is under the lower deck. There’s just enough room for me to get under there and crawl to the other side. (Micky is such a runt that she can just run straight through.) The other day, Mom found out why we always check under there. The neighborhood cat hangs out under there. As soon as we got under there, the cat realized it was done for. She took off running and of course, we chased after her. It was a close race, but the cat managed to get away. Oddly enough, we haven’t seen the cat in the yard lately. I wonder why… Okay, I guess that’s enough for this week. I need to get to bed. Well, I need to stake out a good spot before everyone else does. With the heat over the past few days, we all need to spread out or we’ll burst into flames. I love sleeping on the nice big, comfortable tempurpedic bed, but if they don’t figure out how to work the air conditioner, I’m going to take up permanent residence UNDER the bed. Yeah, that’s my new spot. The carpet is all fluffy and cool, plus there’s no chance that I’ll get stepped on if somebody gets up in the middle of the night! Dad thinks it’s funny. When he can’t find me, he leans over and peeks under the bed. There I am, wagging my tail!

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<figcaption>Spring Is Finally Here. So Long Winter!</figcaption>
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