Dillon, day 174 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 174 of my life in DC!
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Dillon, day 174 of my life in DC! Saturday, 01 April 2017

Ah, the weekend and the sun is shining. It’s also April 1st! Happy April Fool’s Day! Hah! April Fool’s Day my butt! On the first of each month, I get a special chewy treat that is supposed to keep all the creepy crawlies off me. You know, things like ticks, fleas, the usual. They’re pretty tasty, but it turns out the stupid things don’t agree with my stomach. It’s taken a couple of months to sort this out for sure, but now we know. Whenever I take a heartworm pill, I spend the rest of the day with an upset stomach. It sucks! Doctor Mom tried giving me a Pepsid, but it doesn’t really help. So, I’m not a fan of the first day of the month! Anyway, I’m not here to be Debbie Downer, whoever that is. Let’s talk about all the fun I had with my new friend Jennifer! She’s awesome and loves to play ball. Because the sun came out almost immediately this morning, we were parked on the back deck. Actually, the humans were parked. The dogs were chasing balls and patrolling for squirrels. Apparently, this was what was on the schedule for the morning. Jennifer chucked my ball so many times that I was starting to get tired. Fortunately, Mom decided it was time to go run errands. Time for a snooze on the couch while Dad did whatever he was doing. It’s a good thing I took my nap too. My old friend Ryan showed up late in the afternoon to hang out with us. Micky thinks Ryan is the best and she usually sucks up most of his attention, but he likes to play with me too. Sometimes things get carried away though. When I was walking on the top of the couch, I slipped off. I’m sure it looked horrible and it didn’t feel very good and really scared me, but I was okay. After that happened, it was time to call it a day. I was tired and didn’t need any more excitement.

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