Dillon, day 167 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 167 of my life in DC!
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Dillon, day 167 of my life in DC! Saturday, 25 March 2017

Ah, Saturday morning and the opportunities for an exciting day are limitless. The first good sign was that the sun started shining even before we got up. The second good sign was Dad putting on a pair of short pants instead of jeans. Woo hoo, summer is on! Dad seemed to be on a mission this morning. First he trimmed all the trees to clean them up and then he started on the bushes. Of course, I was out there helping him the whole time. When he finally got done though, it was time for a little ball chasing. Dad started by chucking my ball from the deck, but after I stumbled a couple times, Dad moved down to sit on one of the terrace walls. This was much better. This way, I could just run across the yard and not worry about all those stairs. We were having a great game and I was starting to run out of steam when tragedy struck. My ball went over the fence. At first, Dad thought finding my ball would be no big deal, but he was wrong. Dad walked around the fence to look for my ball, but came back a few minutes later without it. He couldn’t find it. So, he had come back to get the expert, me. Dad grabbed my harness and off we went. I had never been on the other side of the fence. This was going to be so cool! Unfortunately, Dad was less than impressed with my efforts to find the ball. Rather than digging in the leaves and brush for my ball, I was content to sit in the leaves and munch on bugs. Thankfully, he finally found my ball. I don’t know what you would call a day like that, but I call it the best day ever!

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Dillon Enjoying The Outdoors</figcaption> </figure>

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The Afternoon Routine</figcaption> </figure>

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