Dillon, day 156 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 156 of my life in DC!
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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Ooh! It’s cold out there today. It sure did snow last night. And then it iced! When we went out this morning, I couldn’t see the deck or the ground out back. The snow was so crunchy that I didn’t even sink in. It was sort of funny. When Dad looked out the back door, he saw only one set of prints in the snow. Those were Micky’s of course! Her little tank-butt sinks right in! He was going to tease her about it, but she was nowhere to be seen. She had gone back upstairs and climbed under the covers. I guess she was going to take a pass on the whole day. One nice thing about the snow day was that Dad got to work from home. I like when he works from home. I get to sit next to him while he argues with the computer networks at his office. The computer runs so slow that he has lots of time to pet me. I don’t think Dad appreciates this benefit, but I sure do. Unfortunately, Dad didn’t get to sit and work the whole time. He had to go out front and shovel all the snow off the sidewalk. I would have helped, but it was cold and I can’t really use a shovel. I don’t think he minded though. For some reason, I think he actually likes shoveling snow. What a weirdo! I wish he had shoveled the snow out of the backyard. This afternoon, I dropped my ball on the stairs and it rolled out onto the snow. This was a bad thing. The little bit of sun that showed up today was gone and the snow had turned back into ice. When I walked out onto the ice, I slid halfway down the hill and never did get my ball. Everyone thought this was hilarious, but I wasn’t amused. I had never felt such a thing and couldn’t figure out how to place my feet so that I wasn’t sliding. Eventually, I gave up and just waddled along the fence until I got to a flat spot. I thought I might be stuck, but I started up the hill and actually found a treasure buried in the snow as I struggled up. I found a hoof that got buried under snow! Woo Hoo… Even though it was frozen solid, it was all mine. Maybe I’ll find more treasures if this snow goes away.

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