Dillon, day 150 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 150 of my life in DC!
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Have you ever stumbled across something you haven’t seen in a while and realized you really missed it? Well it happened to me. I found my squeaky tennis ball and OMG, I had totally forgotten how much I love that thing! This is one of the reasons that I like to rummage through my magic toy basket and spread them out for a good inspection. If I don’t review my collection from time to time, a cherished toy may start to feel unloved. I find that it is easier to do this by arranging them all over the living room floor. Unfortunately, Mom isn’t wild about this routine. Worse, she has a bad habit of putting them all back in the basket before I’m done with my inspection. I don’t think I missed my squeaky ball during my inventories though. I really like squeaky things and I’m sure I would have noticed it in there. I’m starting to think that someone swiped it and hid it from me. It probably wasn’t Micky, because I’ve sort of figured out where she hides my stuff and I routinely check there. I would have blamed Dave, but he hasn’t been here in a while. He gets frustrated when I bring him my ball and wait for him to throw it. He wants to throw it, but he can’t be trusted not to wing it into something Mom likes. Therefore, he’s scared to throw anything for me because he gets in trouble with Mom. I know it wasn’t Mom. She was the one who gave it to me in the first place. So, that leaves Dad. I’m not sure why he would stash my ball, but I’m going to have to keep an eye on him… again!

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