Dillon, day 120 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 120 of my life in DC!
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Did you watch the Super Bowl? We had it on for the commercials and stuff, but I don’t know that anyone cared who won. We had a whole bunch of people over for snacks, drinks, and the game. Yesterday morning, Mom got up and get busy cooking stuff right away. It smelled heavenly in the house all day. Mmm… I love food, especially when there’s a variety of it.

This cooking and tidying up went on for an hour or two and I thought this was what we were doing today. Nope, it was just round one. Even on Sundays, Mom drags us up to the sweatshop to work on her crafts. This time, she has me working on a caricature of Micky Lu! It’s just like the one of me I showed you the other day, but of course, it looks like Micky. Her face is a little harder than mine. She has brown all over her face and two little eyebrows. This means WAY more cutting and sewing. When we finally got done with this, people started showing up for the game. Oh good, time for snacks! I ran around from person to person, looking hopeful, but I didn’t get a single Smokey Joe Pretzel Bite. They looked delicious and smelled incredible and these guys wouldn’t share even a bite. Ugh! The only saving grace was my little Apricot Honey, Shannon, came over with Kathy. As usual, she played hard to get and acted like she was going to bite my nose when I got too close. Ooh, I love when she does that. It gets me all amped up. When we went upstairs to show of my work in the sweatshop, Shannon acted all bitchy, which drove me nuts. I went on a crazy run all over the upstairs. Dad said it sounded like a herd of elephants were running around up there, but that’s just silly. How would the elephants get up the stairs? They’re way too narrow for their fat butts! I didn’t really pay attention to the game, but tried to watch the commercials. Dad said the commercials were the best part, but I didn’t see any I thought were spectacular. The Kia commercial was pretty funny and any time a Hollywood actor gets the crap knocked out of them, I think it’s funny. Other than that, the whole event was a let down. Maybe next year the Cowboys will be in the game and I’ll have a reason to care.</span>

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