Dillon, day 119 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 119 of my life in DC!
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OMG, OMG, OMG! I almost caught a squirrel this morning! I was so close. If I had just a few more feet before the trees, I would have caught him. I swear I was just inches from that little stinker’s tail when he launched up into the tree at the back of the yard. These guys are either really stupid, or that little gang of squirrels out back is using Micky and me to get their new members “Jumped In.” [Editor’s note: Gang term for the ritual beating new members take to prove their loyalty.] I’m pretty sure that these squirrels are clever enough, I’ve seen some of the stuff they get up to out there. So, that means these little guys are forced to come sit up on the deck until we see them and then run like hell as we come bolting out of the house. Micky is really good at chasing ‘em. You wouldn’t think that with those stumpy little legs she’d be able to effectively chase squirrels, but you should see her move. She’s like a speeding train flying across the yard. I’ve decided that I’m no long going to call her a little bowling ball. Since she lost that extra pound, she’s now the “Wrecking Ball.” At 13 pounds, that little girl is tough and solid as a rock. When she runs into something, it moves. If these squirrels keep taunting her, it isn’t going to be long before she just says “hell with it,” and runs straight through the fence to get at them.(And if she does, Dad will be on the deck laughing… and then he’ll run out behind the fence to snatch her up.)

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