Dillon, day 109 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 109 of my life in DC!
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I love the mailman! I don’t know why they always make it seem like dogs want to bite the mailman. I think he’s awesome. He’s the guy who brings me big boxes of treats.

Today, he brought me a big box from BestBullySticks.com. Awesome! Dad says those guys just take a big pile of spare cow parts and start chucking them in a box for us to munch on! You may find that gross, but I think it is delicious. This box was different from the ones we’ve had in the past. This time they threw in something called trachea tubes. They look like toilet paper tubes and are about the same size. When Mom gave me one, I snatched it up and ran over to the carpet as usual, but I didn’t immediately start chewing on it. I sniffed at it and then set it down. Then, I ran over to Mom to make sure she really wanted me to eat it. Even when she told me it was okay and that I would like it, I wasn’t too sure. Mom said my big brother Tommy loved them. So, I sniffed it again and gave it a couple nudges to make sure it wasn’t alive or anything. Finally, I took a few tentative bites. Oh My Gosh, it tasted wonderful. Oh, happy day! Once I realized it was food, I did my usual routine of tossing it around and running through the house. I see why Tommy loved them! It’s a good thing I got some exercise playing with my chewy treat, it was way too windy to go out for a walk. We went out in the backyard to gauge how cold it was, but the wind just wouldn’t quit. Cold or not, I can’t stand wind. It messes up my hair and you know how I like to look good when I patrol the neighborhood. Besides, the wind was keeping everyone else inside, so there was nobody to play with out there anyway. Maybe tomorrow…

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