Dillon, day 106 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 106 of my life in DC!
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Have you ever started an argument that you were sure you weren’t going to win? Well, I did last night and you’ll never believe it, but I actually got away with it. I was sitting on the floor, minding my own business, chewing on a toy. Although you’re probably guessing that it was one of my bouncy balls, it was actually my little green alligator. When I first got here, Dad brought it home from something called the Modern Day Marine Expo. I couldn’t care less where it came from, gimme my toy!

So, there I was, not bothering anyone. Unfortunately, Mom saw me pop one of the eyes off the alligator. I wasn’t eating it or anything, I just pulled it off and set it on the floor. Mom jumped up to see what I was doing and asked me where the other eye was. Thankfully, Dad was actually awake and paying attention and came to my rescue. He reminded Mom that I had already popped the other eye out. He also reminded her that it was quite a feat that I managed to pop it out without destroying anything else around it. I was feeling so good about this turn of events that I looked at Mom and told her “It’s my toy, I can tear it apart if I want to!” That was when I got “The Look!” Y’all, I thought I was gonna die! And then the weirdest thing happened. She stopped and replied “You’re right, it is your toy. We have lots of toys and if you want to chew one up, have at it.” She just turned around and sat back down and I got to keep my toy. SO WEIRD! I was so stunned that I stopped chewing on my alligator and hopped up on the couch. Do you think she was using reverse psychology?

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