Dillon, day 99 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 99 of my life in DC!
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My Favoritest Ball In The Whole World Is BACK! We finally found my Orange ball. OMG. It’s like having a brand new toy! I haven’t seen it in so long. I sat with it in my mouth all morning! I wasn’t letting it go anywhere! I can’t tell you how happy I am. If you recall from the other night, I may or may not have a couple of OCD tendencies. (Just a few.) Well, losing something does not go over well with an obsessive compulsive dog. Even though Mom got me a pretty new blue ball, it just wasn’t the same. Over time, I gave up the hunt and then, so did they. Dad was the one who kept it up the longest. He searched the house, the cars, all the coat pockets, and even the big piles of leaves out back. Just goes to show you, men don’t know how to look for anything. Worthless! Well, he did find my orange and blue striped ball that was out in the leaves, but c’mon, he knew it was there somewhere. He just needed to be persistent. So, back to my orange ball. This morning, Mom was getting Micky and me a chewy treat from the cupboard and for some reason decided to kneel down while she was picking it out of the tub. (Yeah, I know. There’s a whole tub of ‘em. Love IT!) For some reason, she looked in the back of the cupboard and spotted my ball. It had been there the whole time! Who knew? I was so ecstatic over this discovery that I couldn’t focus. Mom had already given me a chewy snack, and then she showed me my ball! OMG, what to do? What to do? At first I dropped my treat to grab my ball, but then I had to grab my treat again. I went back and forth several times before I finally settled on a compromise; I ate my chewy while I rested my chin on my ball. Problem Solved! I plan to keep a better eye on my toys from now on. Mom is always bugging me about dragging all my toys out and spreading them around on the rug. Well, now she knows why I do it. The best way to keep track of your stuff is to keep an accurate inventory and know just when something goes missing. See, just a little OCD…

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