Dillon, day 95 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 95 of my life in DC!
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Some of you may be wondering why I didn’t post this entry earlier. Well, on the night that I should have posted it, we got ditched. Mom and dad went out for the evening and we got locked up in our crates. This creates two issues. One, and probably the most important, we’re locked up. The second is that I don’t have access to the computer. So, I have to scratch out my entry on the floor of my crate like some sort of prisoner. You’d think they would leave us something to do while they’re out goofing off. Today was actually a pretty nice day. It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t butt-cold. So, we got to play out in the backyard. True, I did get a trip to the bathtub for having too much mud on my feet, but it was totally worth it. I love running around out there and Micky loves chasing away anything that tries to invade our yard. You laugh, but I swear there’s something trying to sneak in. For the past couple of nights, the automatic lights have been coming on at random times while we’re inside snoozing on the couch. My first instinct is to count noses to make sure everyone is inside. (I’d hate it if they were out there having fun without me.) The second thing I do is go over to look out there. Nothing. It’s very strange. I sure am glad Micky’s here. While I’m perfectly willing to defend my home, Micky is far better equipped for the job. She’s got a set of choppers that would really leave a mark if she latched on to someone’s leg!

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    <a href="https://olness.org/images/dailies/dillon-095/dillonsdaily-2017-01-10.jpg"><img src="/images/dailies/dillon-095/dillonsdaily-2017-01-10.jpg" alt="Dillon, day 95 of my life in DC!" /></a>


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