Dillon, day 93 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 93 of my life in DC!
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New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue sent a note today, to check on me for my 90 day checkup in my new home. I can’t believe I’ve been here for over 90 days. It seems like I’ve always been here. My family welcomed me like this was where I was always supposed to be. I know I feel like I was. Even my sister Micky seems happy I’m here. From what I could tell when I got here, she really didn’t know how to play and just enjoy life. Well, I sure do and I’m happy to help her learn. (Sometimes I don’t think she truly appreciates my efforts though.)

Even before I walked through the door the first time, they had the perfect name picked out for me. The nice people who rescued me down in Georgia had been calling me Hopi, but that didn’t feel quite right. Dillon is a much better name for me and I come running whenever I hear someone say it. (Okay, fine, I come running just about anytime someone says anything. Something might be happening and I don’t want to miss out.) One of the questions on the checkup was about transition issues. I’m not sure what that means, but I don’t think so. I transitioned into snoozing on the couch and sucking up all the treats that were offered just fine. About the only issue I have is that I sometimes can’t find the specific ball I’m looking for. Yeah, there’s a bunch around here. It didn’t take long to get settled in here. Micky was really cool about letting me stay here. I guess she remembers what it was like when the New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue people found her. Getting a “furever” home is awesome, but could be a little stressful. Micky helped me learn the ropes and shared everything except dinner with me. Every now and then, she tells me how easy I had it upon arrival. She had to deal with Jack, the ultimate dog training dog. I guess he was the sweetest little guy in the world, but wouldn’t tolerate unruly puppy behavior. When he saw it, he corrected it, immediately and effectively. Whew, I would have been in big trouble around him. Apparently, I still have some “rude puppy behavior.” I prefer to think of it as youthful enthusiasm. Thankfully, Micky just gives me a dirty look and goes on with her life. Mom says that bringing me here was a great story. Right after expressing a desire to bring me here, the whole New Rattitude gang worked together to get me from Georgia to the DC Area. I can still remember meeting my new family in the PetSmart parking lot when that nice lady drove me up from Tennessee. I don’t know who was happier. The last question is whether there are cute stories worth sharing. Are you kidding me? Since I got here, I have hundreds of great stories and new experiences. That’s why I have “Dillon’s Daily” on Facebook. I couldn’t begin to recount them all. I could talk about all my friends in the neighborhood and the dog park or I could tell you about all the fun I have playing in my big backyard. Did I mention that I finally got to see snow for the first time? Wow! I’ve done so many things since I got here and it doesn’t seem like they’re gonna slow down any time soon. I love this place. Thank you New Rattitude!

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