Dillon, day 90 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 90 of my life in DC!
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Yay! It’s finally snowing. I had no idea what snow was and I’m still not sure, but I am definitely interested. First thing this morning, there was just a light dusting and it was barely coming down. Then, a couple of hours later it really started snowing. At first I was a little freaked out, so I growled at it. That’s always a good fallback position. If you don’t understand something, growl at it. Since I didn’t really know what snow was or where it was coming from, Dad took me out front to wander around. Holy crap-balls it’s cold out there. Our little weather station says it’s 24 degrees out there, but I feels way colder. Wow! Everybody back in the house! NOW! Dad says that we’ll wait for a bit longer and go back outside when the snow builds up a bit more. I’m not so sure about that plan. I think I’d prefer to stay inside and snuggle up with Micky. She’s nice and toasty warm. I think Dad’s a little off. He actually likes the snow! Hey, turns out I like the snow too. We went back out this afternoon so I could chase my ball. About 5 minutes into that, I decided a little crazy run would be in order. Oh, I had a blast. I was running around the whole yard, kicking up snow the whole way. Dad was laughing at me, so I came over and barked at him. This made him laugh even harder! We did this for about 15 minutes before Dad was frozen and wanted to go inside. He was complaining about cold hands… Hello! I’m running IN THE SNOW with no shoes or gloves. What’s he crying about? Today is my 90th day living in the DC area! I guess a snow day is a good way to commemorate the occasion. Since it’s snowing and there’s playoff games on, we’ll sit inside where it’s warm and watch! Yay! But first, I better look back over the comments on my posts!

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