Dillon, day 89 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 89 of my life in DC!
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I was sitting around last night after posting my latest “Dillon’s Daily” and she was giving me a hard time. She said that I embellish things in my posts a little bit. Well, of course I do! Although these are about my daily life, they’re supposed to be entertaining too.

Let me help you understand how these stories come together. The first thing you need to get your head around is that a dog is writing a daily journal. Spoiler alert, I’m a dog and I’m “writing” a journal. Does nobody see an issue with this? Why on earth would you think it would be factually accurate? I’m going to make myself look good and I’m also going to paint my sister Micky in a … less than complimentary way. Yeah sure, most of the things I tell you are accurate, but the truth is that she’s pretty nice to me and sometimes I can be a bit of a butthead to her. When she comes in the the front door and I’m standing inside, I do tend to stand on her head and punch her in the face a bit. Now, you might expect her to get all crabby because of my rude behavior, but she just takes it. Sometimes, she fights back a little bit, but mostly she just lets me have my fun and goes on with her life. The bit about her teeth scaring me is totally true. She’s got a real mouthful and knows how to use them. (Do I need to show you the photos of the dead moles?) If I told you all those things, how am I going to be the hero of these stories? Micky can’t be the good one in these posts. So, I … embellish a little. This morning, We got up early to see the snow when Dad left. Talk about your let downs. Not One Snowflake, Nothing! There wasn’t even any ice out there. I’m starting to think Dad is right about the weatherman. They’re just guessing. Their latest guess is that it will snow in the morning. We’ll see about that. Since it didn’t snow last night, Mom carried on with her plans to go shopping. We thought we were going go too, but Mom decided it was too cold for us to sit in the car. Bummer. I’ve never been to the grocery store, I think. Who knows, I don’t really pay attention when I’m in the car. I’m usually locked in my crate, losing my sht. I could have been on the moon for all I know. Speaking of losing my sht, I tried something a little different today and was on my best behavior when Mom left. As she grabbed a few treats to give us when we went into our crates, I ran into my own crate and sat there waiting rather than making Mom chase me around the house. While I enjoy a good game of chase, I know Mom isn’t always up for it. When Mom came home, I sat quietly and waited for her to let me out rather than raise hell like I usually do. Mom was so amazed that she let me sit with her while we watched Gilmore girls. Netflix is awesome. Shows that have been over for years are new again. Tonight, we’re watching Dexter. I love a good show about sociopaths! Maybe we’ll stay up late enough to watch Fallon tonight.

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