Dillon, day 87 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 87 of my life in DC!
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Okay, so it’s still crappy outside, but at least it isn’t raining. Fortunately, days like today are the ones that Mom likes to take advantage of and get outside with us. Micky and I were just minding our own business, helping Mom take down all the Christmas decorations. She looked like she needed help, so we were in the living room with her, participating where we could.

I thought everything was going along just fine, but all of a sudden, Mom looked at us and said we were a bunch of crazy monkeys. The next thing we knew, we were getting leashed up and off we went to walk around the neighborhood. Woo Hoo! Even though it was cold, the sun was out so it was nice to be out running around. The squirrels thought so too. There were stacks of them out there. Good Lord! I’ve never seen so many of them. Micky and I were having a ball. We chased as many of them as we could, but Mom was not pleased. She was trying to have a nice relaxing walk in the neighborhood. Who knew? Apparently, losing our sh*t when we see squirrels is not what she considers relaxing. Micky and I did. Unfortunately, our vote didn’t count. So, our walk was cut short and we came home and got stuffed out in the backyard. Okay, that works too. As I said, the sun was out and it was nice to wander around out there. We got to eat acorns and chase a few of the squirrels that were also eating acorns in the yard. I guess Mom needed a break from the Monkey Circus! HA! When we finally came back in, we were a little more sedate about our efforts to help Mom with the Christmas ornaments. Mostly, we hopped up on the couch and snoozed, but we’re still gonna claim credit for helping. At least that’s what we told Dad when he got home.

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