Dillon, day 85 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 85 of my life in DC!
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Today was a federal holiday. So, being a loyal American dog, I took the day off. I didn’t do much of anything besides snooze all day. For one thing, I was still tired from New Year’s eve. For another, it was a rainy day and I’m not a big fan of wandering around in the rain. (Plus, I get the full body wipe down every time I come back in.)

Probably the biggest reason I didn’t do much was because Dad was picking on me again, so I just parked on the couch and slept. I think he was trying to be funny, but neither Mom nor I thought it was very funny. I followed him into the kitchen once to see what he was doing and Mom pointed out that I’m nosy. That’s insulting enough, but Dad said “Great, just what I need, another busy-body supervising everything I do.” You could almost feel the room get colder… Mom prefers to call herself a “control enthusiast.” (Apparently, the trait runs in her family.) She freely admits that when Dad disappears into the basement or out in the garage and doesn’t come back for a few minutes, she starts to twitch a little. There are three ways to do things around here. The right way, the wrong way, and Dana’s way. Guess which is the preferred method of maintaining a harmonious environment. I gotta give Dad credit though. He’s figured out this little secret and does his best to follow it. That is, until he opens his fat mouth and says things that include the words busy-body or supervisor. Dumbass!

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