Dillon, day 83 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 83 of my life in DC!
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She’s Back! She’s back! She’s back! Hurray! My girlfriend’s back! It may have been New Year’s Eve, but all I know is that my favorite playmate in the whole world came to see me. That’s right, Truckee came over to visit and I chewed on her all night long! Because it was New Year’s we got to stay up all night! By the end of the night, we could barely move. When Truckee and Abner first showed up, we turned the house into the site of “Battle Royale.” We ran from room to room, barking and chewing as we went. We were having a ball. Even Abner got in on it. (Micky was having none of it. She just wanted to sit on laps and have people scratch her ears.) The best part of all this is that nobody cared. They think dogs running around the house is hilarious and they think my chewing on a dog 4 times my size is awesome! Dad has video of our wrestling matches, but he’s griping about being too tired to splice it together. It’s too bad that he didn’t have night vision for his camera, because he missed out on our Indy 500 run around the backyard. Yes, we were allowed out back in the muddy yard. Thankfully, it has been pretty dry lately. With all this excitement, I almost forgot that we have new neighbors. Supposedly they have a dog, but Micky and I haven’t seen em yet. In truth, I’m too tired to expend much effort looking. I hope it’s a nice dog who likes to play. I need more friends who live close to me.

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