Dillon, day 78 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 78 of my life in DC!
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Okay, so Christmas was great! The day after? Not so much!

Mom was in a great mood this morning and that should have been a clue. As usual, she was busy doing stuff around the house, cleaning up and putting things away. Then, she disappeared upstairs. I thought she was going to craft, so I followed her. I like to craft. There’s a nice cozy bed for me to sleep in right there in the sweatshop … uh, I mean craft shop. Yeah, big mistake. She was NOT headed to the craft shop. She was headed to the torture room. (She calls it the guest bath, but when you’re getting dumped in the tub, torture is a bit more fitting.) Yup, it was bath day! What a great way to ruin a fun weekend. Does she not know how hard it is to get the perfect balance of dirt and stink? Those mud stains on my arms are the result of some heavy duty playing. Clearly, she didn’t care, because I got scooped up and chucked in the tub with no concern for my feelings on the subject. About the only thing good about my bath was that I knew Micky was getting one next. If I’ve gotta suffer, she’s gotta suffer. One serious drawback to this whole bath thing is that I’m no longer allowed to have any fun. I can’t rough house with my friends and I’m certainly not going out in the backyard to chase my ball. (That’s where I got dirty in the first place.) And today would have been a great day to go out there to play. There’s a pair of squirrels setting up shop in the tree that overhangs the yard. Mom thinks they’re getting ready to have little snacks, I mean baby squirrels. Dad’s all excited because the branch is right at deck level, so he can get photos of them when they start moving around. We’ll see if this happens. More importantly, Micky and I will be watching intently to see if any of them fall out of the tree. Because I couldn’t go out back, I got dragged out front anytime I needed to use the bathroom. How degrading. There is absolutely no privacy out there. I may have mentioned before, but I’m a very private dog. I like to poop where nobody can see me, behind a tree or something. Anyway, when we went out front, Kona, the big lug I like to chew on, was out there walking with his Mom. Santa must have hit his house too, because he had on a brand new winter coat. It was pretty stylish and it looked really warm. (Hint, Hint… I’m freezing out here.) Since Dad was walking me, I thought I was going to get to play a bit, but he wasn’t having it. Apparently, he’s as scared of Mom as the rest of us. He told Kona’s mom that we couldn’t play because Mom wanted me to stay clean for at least 24 hours. (Good luck with that.) Well, despite his efforts to keep me away from Kona, I still managed to get in a couple of licks before I got dragged inside. Unfortunately, neither Dad nor I was aware of the smudge of mud on my arm. Ah Crap! Both of us were in the doghouse for that. Today was turning out to be a real bummer. After Mom spotted the smudge on my arm, she scooped me up and started marching upstairs. Crap, I thought I was going back to the bathtub! To my utter amazement, when she got to the top of the stairs, she turned right instead of left. SCORE! Nap Time! I guess mom felt bad after torturing me all day or we finally broke her. Either way, I got to nap with her all cuddled up in the cozy nap blankets. Awesome! Even though the nap was pretty short, it was still great. I like snoozing with Mom. She doesn’t snore, likes to keep me close while she’s snoozing, and I always get cookies when we wake up. I suppose that’s life’s little lesson for today. You gotta take the good with the bad…

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    <a href="https://olness.org/images/dailies/dillon-078/dillon-782016-12-26-dillonsdaily.jpg"><img src="https://olness.org/images/dailies/dillon-078/dillon-782016-12-26-dillonsdaily.jpg" alt="Dillon, day 78 of my life in DC!" /></a>
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