Dillon, day 77 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 77 of my life in DC!
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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wow, my first Christmas! It has been pretty cool so far. Last night, when Mom’s friend Kathy came over, she brought a whole bag of goodies for Micky and Me! There were cookies, a set of bells for the door so I can tell people I want to go outside and a new Kong toy! I love it. Today, Christmas, we had a bunch of treats to start the day. We opened a few presents, but none of it was anything cooler than the stuff Kathy brought yesterday. The stuff Mom got me was cool and all, but I don’t get em all at once. She’s gonna dole out my treats and stuff like there’s a checklist or something. She may as well have bought me underwear… I didn’t see the Fat Man [Santa] when he dropped off all the goodies, but there was definitely evidence. Half the cookies were gone and I can’t find any of the brownies. That’s okay, I really like the Kong toy Kathy brought, so I’m cool for now. Besides, I know Mom and Dad will get me more stuff when I need it. Tonight’s dinner was awesome! We had something called a Honey Ham. Honey, that thing was delicious! Micky and I got a small, special “Dinner Plate” of our own in the kitchen after dinner. Woo Hoo! Give Me More! Unfortunately, we didn’t get any of the Christmas cookies. Apparently, they’re willing to share everything, as long as everything doesn’t include the Christmas cookies. What a Gyp! Ahh… Now that dinner is over it’s time for a snooze. Ham may not be the same as turkey for putting you to sleep, but we’ve been busy over the past few days with all the visitors and stuff. So, in fine holiday tradition, Micky and I are crashed out on the couch, snoozing. For a first Christmas, I’m pretty happy. I have lots of friends, new toys, plenty of snacks, and a family that loves me. Merry Christmas Everyone. I hope yours was as good as mine!

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