Dillon, day 76 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 76 of my life in DC!
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I forgot to tell you what happened yesterday. I was so excited about my new friend Sean and all the ball playing I got to do that I earned my watchdog merit badge yesterday. Dad was so proud of me. And so excited too!

It was mid-afternoon and I was hanging out on the rug by the front door when I saw something out front. I didn’t recognize it so naturally, I started barking. Dad came down to see what the problem was and saw the neighborhood fox walking around the yard across the street. As soon as Dad saw it, he ran back upstairs as fast as he could, to the office. For some reason, he had his camera set up in the upstairs window, so he was ready to go. He says he got a bunch of good photos and was very happy about my watchdog skills. He even called to Mom to get her to come look too. I guess the fox is pretty big and very pretty. So now, I’m a watchdog! I’m starting to move up the responsibility ladder around here. Soon, I’ll be running this place! Foxes aren’t the only things running loose around here. This morning while I was out watering the neighborhood bushes and stuff, I heard a rustling noise. (Dad was oblivious as usual.) When I looked up, there were two HUGE deer standing right in front of us. It was so cool! I looked at them and they looked at me, but nobody got all weird about it. We just stood there for a few minutes enjoying the crisp winter morning. Unfortunately, when I decided to go get a closer look, the deer decided it was time to roll. I don’t know how they did it, but they just disappeared. They were there one minute and gone the next. Even Dad was amazed. They dropped down over the top of the little hill, but when we got to the top of that same hill less than 5 seconds later, they were nowhere to be seen. Amazing! They blend in so well! Tonight is Christmas Eve. I don’t know what that means, but I guess people are coming to visit and stuff. Mom’s friend Kathy is coming over later and maybe some more tonight. I hope they bring dog friends or those little short humans. I want someone to play with while Mom & Dad talk about all their boring stuff.

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