Dillon, day 73 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 73 of my life in DC!
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There’s been a lot activity with the mailman these days. I think It’s a sure sign Christmas is coming. Every time I turn around there’s some sort of box on the front porch. I keep checking to see if any of them are from Chewy.com or BestBullySticks.com, but I can’t read. My nose works though and I haven’t smelled anything that seems familiar.

One thing I know for sure is that I’m not opening any of them before I’m told it’s okay. Micky tried that once with a box of chocolates and got busted. (I think I told you about that. I’m still upset that nobody paddled her butt.) I don’t want them sending my presents back for any reason. I’ll just wait! Oh! I almost forgot! One of the packages was actually for me and Mom gave it to me early! I got a shiny new tag with my name on it and a bunch of phone numbers. It looks like a big bone! When I run around, it jingles and makes a cool sound. Now, everyone can hear me coming or figure out where I am in the house. Hey, wait a minute! Do you think that they did that on purpose? Hmmm, now that I think about it… Meh, whatever, I still have some really cool bling to wear. I tried to show it off to my friend Kona yesterday, but all he wanted to do was chew on me. Kona is a blast. He’s like four times my size, but is very good about not playing too roughly. Plus, I’m way faster than he is and can’t get close to me if I don’t want him to catch me. Really, the only thing he does that I could do without is slobber all over me. Each time we get together to play, I need a bath afterward. (As wet as my head and neck are, you’d think I already had one.) Thankfully, with the water out, I was saved from that indignity this time. I’m really excited about Christmas. Kona was wearing his Christmas sweater and it looked really warm. I don’t need a sweater, but maybe I’ll get something else neat. Just a few more days.

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