Dillon, day 66 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 66 of my life in DC!
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I’m not sure what’s going on, but there sure are a lot of people visiting the house these days. I wouldn’t mind because I really like visitors, but every time someone shows up, I get crammed into my crate. What do they think is going to happen, I’m gonna play with em to death? It wouldn’t be so bad, but they always go down to the basement where I can’t see em. Believe you me, I let em know I’m not happy about the whole thing. And I know they can hear me down in the basement! I know!

On the bright side, Dad has been teleworking, so I always have a good spot to snooze. When He’s teleworking, he spends the whole day on the computer. That means he doesn’t move a lot and I can snooze on his lap most of the day. I like hanging out with Mom, but she never sits still during the day. Dad’s a lump. Dad will sit on the couch for hours. His excuse is that he’s working, but I think it’s that he has the drive of a Thai Monk. You wouldn’t believe it. He can park on the couch first thing in the morning and not move again until lunch. He’s even too lazy to get his own coffee! Then again, if I could get someone to bring me Bully Bites when I run out, I’d be all over it. Even though I’m still learning how this place works, I like it more and more. Both of em are certifiably nuts. My kind of people. Even Micky has enough issues to keep a full staff of psychiatrists busy for a while. I fit in just fine here!

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