Dillon, day 64 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 64 of my life in DC!
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The Winter Doldrums drag on…

At least there was football to watch last night. Mom’s favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, were playing the Giants, the only team to beat them this year. Not that I’m a big football fan, but Mom gave me a football shaped squeaky toy so I could help cheer them on. Well, I did my part. I squeaked that little thing for hours on end. I like my new toy so much that I didn’t even notice the Cowboys lost. Mom was not happy! Oh well, they’re still going to the playoffs, whatever those are… When I got up this morning, the rain was back and the ground was muddier than ever. Bummer! Mostly, it means more foot cleaning and more being cooped up in the house. Every time we went outside, I was watched like a hawk and I got a full body search on the way back in. Because it was an indoor day, Mom was doing chores. Today’s chores included cleaning the floors. Unfortunately for Mom, Micky and I didn’t realize this until one of us sneaked past her. So, there’s exactly one set of muddy feet on the floor, Micky’s! Yay, it wasn’t me! Finally, I’m racking up points in the Favorite Dog column! (Sadly, Micky’s not really losing points either though…) Now, all I have to do is keep this up. Tonight, some of our friends, Michelle and Dave, came by for a few minutes. They all went to the basement to look around while Micky and I got chewy treats. I don’t know what they were doing down there, but after I finished my Bully Bite, I was not happy about being stuck upstairs without them. I don’t like being left out! At least they all played ball with me when they came back up. That’s about all the excitement we had for today. See, I told you we were in the doldrums…

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