Dillon, day 61 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 61 of my life in DC!
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Dillly’s Day Out!

Woo Hoo! Today I got my own field trip! I had no idea we were doing anything fun today, because it is so cold outside and Mom was just doing her usual getting ready to go somewhere routine. I was actually kind of looking forward to having some crate time to catch up on some more sleep. I’m still recovering from my big Date the other night! When it came time for Mom to leave, she put Micky in her condo. (You should see the size of her crate. A Saint Bernard would be comfortable in that thing!) I thought I was next, but instead, she grabbed my leash and off we went. Not only was I getting a car ride, but I got to ride in the front seat. I could see everything! There were people walking their dogs, a big yellow school bus, and lots of good trees to pee on. (If only it had been an Uber ride, I would have had the driver stop a couple of times.) The ride was just starting to get good when Mom turned into a parking lot. As we pulled in, I saw the pizza joint Dad likes. We parked right in front of it. Awesome, She’s getting me a pizza! Once we got out of the car, I was looking all around, sniffing and taking things in. I guess I didn’t do a very good job, because I didn’t even realize we walked into a pet store. We went to Petco, Where The Pets Go! Even Better Than Pizza! My first trip to Petco! We walked up and down every one of the aisles with dog treats and Mom let me sniff everything I wanted. Then we went over to the self-serve treat bar. OH MY GOD! I never wished I was a Great Dane more. If I were, I would have been able to “Help Myself.” Mom had a special piece of paper [coupon] that let her pick out a bag of whatever she wanted. This day just keeps getting better and better. When she was done loading up on snacks, she picked up a couple more hooves for Me and Micky. They stink to high heaven. We love them. This store had everything. Besides all the bagged snacks, they had live ones of every flavor. They had white mice, rats, hampsters, a regular smorgasbord. I don’t know why mom didn’t get any of those. Micky would have loved em! Oh well, maybe next time. When we were leaving the store, the nice people who worked at the front counters said I was very handsome. Of course they did. I am handsome, but it’s still nice to hear. The trip home in Mom’s car was a little depressing. I was having such a great time looking at all the treats and saying hello to everyone that I really didn’t want to leave. I was so disappointed on the trip home that a little whimper slipped out. At first I thought I was cool, but I think Mom heard me. Worse, she ratted me out to Dad. Nothing worse than ending a really great day by losing all your cool points. Oh well, Dad still thinks I’m awesome and today, I was the favorite!

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