Dillon, day 60 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 60 of my life in DC!
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2 Months and it looks like the honeymoon is over…

All along, Mom has been nice when I do things that aren’t considered “good doggie behavior.” I didn’t realize that there was such a thing as bad behavior or even that these two had stern voices. Well, I’m starting to find out. I was officially served notice today that rude behavior would no longer be accepted. Uh Oh! I guess I better start figuring out what rude behavior is. First on the list and the eye opener came when I jumped at Mom when she was getting us a treat. I was doing my pogo-dog impression and all of a sudden, Mom growled at me. And I don’t mean like a play growl. I mean like my birth mommy would growl at me if I was misbehaving. I was so stunned when she did it, that I thought she was kidding. Then, I did the one thing that could make it worse. I talked back to her. (Bad Idea.) I thought she was playing, so I backed up and gave a little woof. Oh man, that was the wrong thing to say… (I think Dad was giggling, but Mom gave him a look too. I’m pretty sure he’s scared of her too!) Mom told me not to talk back to her or I wouldn’t get a Bully Bite. It’s all fun and games until people start messing with your treats. Fortunately, Mom was just making sure I got my butt in line. I still got my Bully Bite. And just to be sure I stayed out of the doghouse, I chewed my treat on floor, out of the way and minded my own business. I think the next thing on the list is hopping up in someone’s lap and licking their face. I seem to get pushed away pretty often when I do that. Dad thinks it’s funny, but he says I can’t do that to just anyone. Some people don’t like doggie baths. (I think he’s out of his mind, but maybe.) I guess this isn’t that big of a deal. I’ve had a pretty good run for the past two months. If doggie boot camp and some new rules is what it takes to fit in here, I’m up for it.

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