Dillon, day 58 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 58 of my life in DC!
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Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! I have a girlfriend! I met her tonight and she is awesome! She’s a big bitch, but who cares! More for me to play with! Mom, Dad, and their friends played a good game of “What is she,” but they weren’t even close. I figured it out immediately! She’s a refined vintage of Heinz 57. She’s perfect! Her name is “Truck Stop Sandwich!” Have you ever heard anything so beautiful? I love sandwiches.

Some friends who just moved from Misery [Missouri] stopped by with their little guys, “Truckee” and “Abner” to say hello. Everyone was a little concerned if we would all get along, but it was no issue at all. Abner sat on the couch with Micky and I played with Truckee. It didn’t matter what I did, she was up for it. I chewed on her. She chewed on me. I rolled on the floor. She rolled on the floor! What a great night! About the only thing that would have made it better was if they had shared their spaghetti with me. (No such luck. Bunch of health freaks!) Dad has a bunch of pictures and videos, but he says he’s too tired to deal with them tonight. We played all night and there’s a bunch of good photos! They think I should be exhausted, but I’m too excited to sleep. Maybe I’ll convince him to grab a few pictures to show you my new friends. It’s too bad it was raining all night because I would have loved to show off my backyard. (Mom said there was no way we were going out there to roll in the mud. Bummer) Fortunately, this is a dog house. We’re allowed to play in the basement, on the hardwood floors, the living room, and even the couch. They didn’t even care that we ran and jumped on the couch so much that it slammed into the wall. I love this place. Mom said little Abner was a lot like my brother Jack. He’s a little older, very particular, and sometimes a little crabby. I didn’t see it. He and I played for a little while and he was pretty good at it. Even when we all had Bully Bites, we just sort of got along like old friends. Micky was in heaven too! Dad’s friend Jeff sat on the couch, scratching her ears and cuddling with her all night. For Micky, this was the perfect evening. Well, Maybe not perfect. Abner was looking for a spot to snooze and accidentally hopped up on the couch really close to her. Micky told him immediately that she didn’t appreciate it. When I was playing with Truckee and did the same thing, she was a little more … animated about telling me to buzz off. Oops! I think I’m going to cut this short for tonight. I am a little tired after all the playing and I still want to bug Dad about the pictures. I’m sure he’ll put the videos up tomorrow! What a great night. I’m glad they live close now. We’re gonna go visit all the time if I have anything to say about it!

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