Dillon, day 55 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 55 of my life in DC!
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Does anyone else get stuck wearing hand-me-downs? I know I’m not the first little black and white dog to live with these guys, but what’s a guy gotta do to get something that fits properly and was made just for him? Mom’s always going on about all the crafty things she makes, but when it’s butt-cold outside, I get stuck wearing Big Brother’s clothes. Of course, Mom & Dad are always going on about my big brothers Jack & Tommy, but when they put Tommy’s Jam Jams on me lastnight, we all realized how big he really was. I looked like I was wearing a plaid dress. Mom had to roll up the sleeves and everything. He had some LONG legs! No wonder he was so fast. I obviously have some big shoes, and clothes, to fill! Good Grief! I hope I’ll grow into it a little better, but Mom says she’ll tailor it to me if I don’t.

If this cold weather keeps up, maybe she’ll even make me my own winter coat. I like being outside, but I’m too darn skinny and I have too little fur to keep warm with the temps the way they are. We were out back for quite a while today. They were out there hanging the last of the Christmas lights, so Micky and I were out there too. It was fun, but we were plenty happy to come inside after they finished. The house looks really nice. Mom even has some great big shiny balls hanging out front. I jump pretty well, but I don’t think there’s any way I’ll ever reach those. Too bad, they’re really cool looking. The rest of the house has all kinds of stuff hung up too. They even have a paw-shaped stocking for Micky and me. I hope there’s lots of goodies in it on Christmas morning! Maybe a new BALL! I’m really starting to like this Christmas stuff, but if I see some fat dude in a red suit creeping around the house on Christmas Eve, I’m sounding the alarm so Micky can come bite him!

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