Dillon, day 53 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 53 of my life in DC!
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Ah Crap! Mom’s been watching videos on Youtube again. It’s one thing when she’s trying to learn something new about sewing or her crafts, but this situation is unacceptable. She’s watching videos about Dog Training! Oh Dear God! Now, I’m totally screwed.

Ever since I got here, I’ve been hearing war stories about how well trained and behaved Jack & Tommy were. Both Mom and Dad never hesitate to point out that they were both stars. With her watching training videos again, I think poop just got real! I guess it’s my turn to shine. The basement training center was fun and I got all sorts of treats for doing what Mom wanted, but this new development has me a little concerned. Something as simple as going outside is now a formal procedure. I get all cinched up with a six foot leash and Mom uses official commands and stuff. She says that it is so I learn the sound of the commands and associate them with the behaviors she wants me to learn, but the way I see things, it means I don’t get to wander out to the end of my 16 foot Flexi and sniff all the good stuff along the path. Can you say bummer? When Dad got home, she was explaining the “training plan” to him. I tried to follow along because this has an immediate impact on my life and freedom, but she was dragging it out and I got bored. (I’m pretty sure Dad tuned out too.) Really, the only part I heard that made any sense was the tidbit about boot camp for a “six week program.” Six Weeks? Are you kidding me? Six weeks is an eternity. I’ll be old and gray by then. I probably won’t even remember how to play by then. She’ll have to get out my stroller and roll me into the sun. I’ll just sit out there and drool on myself! Ugh! And yes, we do have a doggie stroller. It was Jack’s sweet ride after he had knee surgery. I love these people. They think of everything! Okay, maybe it will be alright. They do take pretty good care of me and I get to do some really cool stuff. We’ll see. The jury is still out!

(This picture shows how thrilled Dillon is about Boot Camp. Micky isn’t really gloating in the background)

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