Dillon, day 50 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 50 of my life in DC!
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Tonight, we’re going to do something a little different. Dillon has been hogging my computer for the past month and a half, so I though it was about time I had a chance to say something. So, tonight, this is Mike talking about Dillon and Micky.

When you bring a new dog, person, whatever into your life, you’re agreeing to figure out a way to find a happy life together. Dillon has done well over the past month and a half and it feels like he’s always been part of the family. As much as he complains about Micky in his posts, the two of them get along very well and she’ll even curl up to sleep with him. And as much as her mouthful of teeth scare Dillon, she’s only shown them to him a few times and never seriously tried to get him. This weekend, you couldn’t wedge your fingers between the two because they were cuddled up so closely. They respect each other and their space, so everyone gets along. When they’re outside, they play well together and share most things. Sometimes, Micky gets a wild hair and decides she wants to play with one of his balls, but it doesn’t last too long and then the world returns to its natural orbit. However, the look on his face as she sits quietly trying to chew his ball apart is priceless. He’s a curious little guy and wants to know what Micky is doing as she hunts for moles. He hasn’t figured out how to hunt for moles yet (or the carcass when she’s killed one), but he certainly knows what to do with squirrels. We used to have squirrels visit our back porch daily, but with two black and white sets of teeth out there, the squirrels keep a little farther back these days. Of course, you’ve heard about Dillon’s ball. That boy is never very far from one. He’s snoozing on my lap right now with a ball wedged under his head. When he leaves one outside, he is momentarily upset, but then sneaks away and reappears with a different one. Where he hides them, we haven’t figured out, but he certainly has no problem remembering. Sitting inside at night, he usually has a lot of extra energy to burn off. So, he’ll hop up on your lap and politely place the ball in a spot convenient for you to throw it for him. If you don’t throw it in a time he deems reasonable, he’ll come over and move it to a spot a little more convenient to throw it. He doesn’t bark or make a lot of fuss about it. He just puts it down for you, backs up, and sits down to wait until you throw it. I’m sure he’s thinking “Dance Monkey! Throw my ball!” But he’s so polite about it, you just can’t help but play with him. Typing can be a bit challenging when either Micky or Dillon is around. Dillon will drop his ball right in the middle of the keyboard and then when you don’t react, he’ll step across to move the ball to remind you it’s there. Micky doesn’t screw around. When she wants you to pay attention to her, she just plops her little butt in the middle of your keyboard and stares at you. Don’t underestimate that sweet little face. She’s got the “hang dog” look mastered and can guilt you into just about anything. These two little guys are as different as they can be, but each has a special place here. We’re as lucky to have both of them as they are to have us. I now return you to your regularly scheduled dog blog…

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