Dillon, day 48 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 48 of my life in DC!
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Okay, I need to set the record straight. Some people see my little black belt and think I’ve been having trouble sorting out where the bathroom is. I DO NOT HAVE POTTY TRAINING ISSUES! That is my Junk Warmer! When I first moved in with my new family, they wanted me to be successful in learning the ropes here and one piece of being successful is learning where the doors are and how to let them know I need to go to the bathroom. Because I can’t talk and the layout of the house was new, they gave me a belly band in case I had an accident. I am a puppy and all and my muscles aren’t fully developed and trained. Well, I’ve figured out the layout and they’ve figured out how to read my cue that I want to go outside. Everything is working great, but I still wear my Junk Warmer. It doesn’t bother me at all and it keeps my junk warm. It has been so cold around here that any extra heat is a welcome addition. At night when we go to bed, I start out in my Junk Warmer, but because I’m so skinny, I slither out of it. No problem. It’s not like I’m going to pee in the bed. That’s where I sleep! When we get up in the morning, we all come downstairs and I go right to the back door so I can relieve myself outside like I’m supposed to do. They trust me, but they’re also helping me.

Last night Dad did the most amazing thing. He sat down with a whole plate of little orange balls. Of course, because they were balls, he had my full attention. When he picked one up, I thought he was going to chuck it for me. Nope! What he did was was even more amazing! He PEELED the orange cover off! I had NO idea they could do that! I have been chewing on my little orange ball for over a month now and I have never seen the cover come off. Dad must be a genius or some sort of magician! Once he got the cover all the way off, he showed it to me and it smelled so good! (Do not ask me to describe what orange smells like. Bunch of wiseacres…) He then broke the whole thing into little pieces and started eating them. He was eating my Ball! What the heck?!? I was fascinated! Who knew you could actually eat the things? Dad could tell I was curious, so he bit off a little piece and offered it to Micky. Apparently, she’s seen this trick before because she munched it right down. I was a bit more apprehensive when he offered me a piece and I needed to sniff at it for a second to make sure what was going on. When I finally did take a bite, it was like a little bit of heaven. It was sweet and a little tangy, but I immediately knew I wanted another piece. For the next ten minutes, Dad, Micky, and I munched down a whole plate of orange balls. Awesome! I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I haven’t seen my favorite orange ball since Dad ate one last night. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m a little suspicious. Dad tried to explain that they were Halo tangerines, but they looked a heck of a lot like my favorite ball! I’ll let you know later if my ball shows up!

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