Dillon, day 47 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 47 of my life in DC!
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Play Date! Yay! I don’t know why they call it Black Friday. It was a little cloudy and gray outside, but certainly not black. In fact, the afternoon was so nice that my friend Kona came over. (I mentioned him before. He’s the one they call Stop That!) While we were out in front, putting up the Christmas lights, Liz and Kona walked by. Well, to be clear, Kona walked by and Liz was being dragged along behind him. He’s a puppy too, but he’s very strong. I think he’s what they call a Pit Bull mix. I see people on TV saying they’re scared of them, but I think he’s awesome. He’s just a big dopey guy who likes to play. At first we were wrestling on the front lawn, but it’s a little hard to really get into it when you’re wearing a leash. So, Mom suggested that we go out back to play. That was a great idea! There’s plenty of room to really run out there and I know the race track path so I could stay out in front of Kona and not get mowed over. He plays really nicely with me, but he’s still kind of a clumsy puppy and things happen. The other thing good about playing out back is that Dad piled up all the leaves in the corner! It’s a huge pile and really fun to play in. (Take a look at my video!) Dad grabbed my tennis ball and chucked it into the pile of leaves for me to go find. Awesome! I hauled butt right in there. It was like surfing on marshmallows. I could sort of stay on the top, but the ball sank down into the leaves. Once I got to the middle of the pile, I “swam” downward looking for my ball. Everyone was amazed that I could find it so easily. Have they never seen what a dog can do with its nose? I may be young, but I know how to use my nose. I sniffed around and flung leaves out of the way until I found what I was looking for. What a blast! I was loving it and Kona seemed to be enjoying it too! The only real difference was that his big butt just sank into the leaves! Hah! One drawback to having a big Pit Bull as your friend is that he drools a lot. My whole head was coated in dog slobber. It looked like I had stuck my head in the sprinklers. I like having a big muscular friend around though. With him watching my back, I’ll never have to worry that somebody will sneak up and get me. Not that this is a real problem around here, but you never know. I was exhausted tonight! After Kona left, I came inside with barely enough energy to carry my ball. When Mom suggested that I needed a nap, I didn’t even argue with her. I snoozed and snoozed so much that I almost missed dinner. Fortunately, Micky’s little stomach alarm goes off like a ship’s claxon right on time. She may have missed a meal or two somewhere along the way, but not since I’ve been here. If this is what Black Friday is all about, sign me up! I’ll be back for it again next year.

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