Dillon, day 23 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 23 of my life in DC!
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This place just gets better and better. Today, Mom brought home a new ball for me. It was such a pretty blue with a great little squeaker. I LOVE IT!

Just to make sure that it was perfect, Mom came out into the backyard with me to play ball while Micky was digging for moles. (As a side note, that little squirt is determined and relentless. You should see the hole she dug. Heck, watch the video!) When Dad got home, I was so excited to show him my new ball. So, I jumped up on Dad’s lap.

Dillon: Hey Dad, here’s my new ball. [Drops ball on laptop keyboard] Mike: Thanks buddy D: Can you throw it for me? M: Sorry buddy, I can’t throw your ball all the time. D: Why Not!?! M: Because someone has to work around here. D: What’s work? M: That’s the stuff that makes all the chewy snacks and new balls possible. D: Oh, okay… M: You good with that Dill? D: Yeah, I guess… Can I have my ball back? M: Sure! D: Since you’re gonna give it back, could you throw it? M: Fine, you win…

He’s a good guy, but he walked right into my trap.

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