Dillon, day 21 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 21 of my life in DC!
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(Video not suitable for squeamish people.)

Three Weeks! Wow, time flies when you’re having a blast! I guess three weeks is a special anniversary around here because today we went out to a new park. It was just past my dog park and had a big lake in it. But I wanna meet the guy who came up with the name, “Burp” Lake. Seems like a silly name for a lake. [Editor’s note: It’s actually Burke Lake.] When we got there, I had never been to such a place and I was LOOOSING my mind. OMG! I didn’t know whether to bark, run, pogo-dog, or all of the above. I was a mess! There were dogs everywhere. Big ones, little ones, a funny looking thing named Luigi, and a hundred others. This was awesome and I got to say hello to most of them. What I figured out around mile 2 was that when these people say we’re going for a walk, you have to get details in advance. I had no idea we were walking four and a half miles. I would have conserved energy, liquid, barks, etc. By the time we were done, I was ready to go. I was so happy to get in my crate and take a snooze. Along the walk, I found out that Micky actually likes to swim. I wasn’t so sure about it, but wandered around in the water a bit. Since it was almost 80 degrees today, the cool water was refreshing. I tried to drink some of the water, but Mom was watching and she put the kibosh on that. What? Is it because the fish use it as their bathroom? Whatever. As exciting as the park was, that wasn’t the only cool thing that happened today. When we got home, we were out back and Micky found a mole hiding under one of the planters. That girl is something else. We hadn’t been outside more than about 30 seconds and she was on the hunt. When Dad moved the planter over a little for her to look underneath, she snatched that thing up so quickly, I almost missed it. That mole certainly didn’t suffer, believe me. I, on the other hand, am even more terrified of that girl and those teeth. (If you watch the video on here, don’t say I didn’t warn you.) After she was sure the poor thing had expired, Dad got rid of it. But he didn’t get rid of the smell. Oh Boy! I rolled in that sweet nastiness for at least five minutes. Mmmm. The aroma was irresistible. Unfortunately, now Mom is talking about a bath. Apparently, there is … evidence … of my rolling on my back. Great, so I have that going for me soon. Now, I’m sitting on the couch with my people after a long, but wonderful day. I’m exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open. It took me forever to work up the energy to chew my Bully Bite. (Yeah, Micky was hovering the whole time to make sure I didn’t set it down.) I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Around here, you just never know!

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