Dillon, day 18 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 18 of my life in DC!
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Have I told you about the house I live in? There are so many great places to play. Some have these great rugs and some have carpeting and others are hardwood. All the really good carpeted rooms have their doors shut most of the time. I guess I’m not allowed to play in those rooms without supervision yet. Micky gets to do whatever she wants, but she’s not what you would call crazy. I get told at least a couple of times a day that I’m a madman.

The places I have free run of are the rooms with the hardwood. Have you ever tried to get traction on a hardwood floor? It’s almost impossible. When somebody chucks my ball in the house, I scramble around like someone is throwing steaks on the floor. On the hardwoods, it’s even worse. It’s like a scene from the Keystone Cops or the Three Stooges. I try to run one way as the ball bounces the other. When I try change directions, I just slide into the wall or across the room. If I’m being honest, it’s actually a lot of fun. I can chase my ball for hours, which is a good thing since it has been raining all day. I like being outside, but I don’t need to be out there getting muddy. There’s a good chance I’d get chucked back in the tub for that. (I swear Mom’s psychic. As I was typing that, she gave me a funny look. Creepy…) My other favorite place is the top of the stairs. That’s the best place to play by yourself. I take my ball up there and lay down on the landing at the top. Then, I use my nose to push my ball off the stairs. It bounces down and then I chase it. I love this game! I can do that for hours. When Mom’s crafting, I keep her company by showing her my ball after I get it from the bottom of the stairs. She thinks that’s funny! The most common sound in this house is the sound of my ball bouncing off of something! Tonight, Mom took be down to the “Training Center” in the basement. I thought we were going to do more of that training stuff, but it turns out she wanted to get me some exercise. All we did was chase my ball on the nice carpeting. Woo Hoo! I can really get some good traction down there! I still scramble like a madman, but at least I’m not sliding all over the place. It was GREAT! Even Micky got in on it a little bit. I hope tomorrow is sunny. That way I can entertain myself outside. For now, I think I’ll snooze with Micky.

Image may contain: dog and indoor</div>

Image may contain: dog</div>

Image may contain: dog and indoor</div> </div>

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