Dillon, day 16 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 16 of my life in DC!
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Oof! You’ll have to forgive me today. I’m exhausted! I’ve been entertaining a pair of lovely ladies all day. The Poodle girls, Kacie & Shannon came over for a play date. When we got up today, Mom was running around getting ready for something. I had no idea what was going on, but hey, I’m in. I followed her around the house, making sure I was nearby if she needed me. Then, my hopes were crushed. She started packing her purse and getting ready to go. I thought we were getting left behind, and that means we were gonna get stuffed in our crates. (Even Micky gets locked up when mom leaves and she’s been here a while. Where’s the trust? Where’s the love?)

I really have to start paying better attention. Clearly, I missed some little clue, because Micky was about to lose her mind (though it would be hard to tell). She was running from the front door to the kitchen and then back to the front. What was going on? And then Mom grabbed the leashes! OMG!!! We’re going somewhere! I don’t care where as long as we’re going! We loaded up in the car and I didn’t even care that I had to ride in my crate. (Have you noticed we have ready access to a lot of crates? Three for Micky and three for me. There might even be a few stashed around the house that Dad doesn’t know about.) When we got out, we were at the promised land, THE DOG PARK!!! YAY!!! I couldn’t wait to get there and even though I’m not supposed to pull on the leash, I couldn’t help myself. When we got to the last 100 feet before the gate I just completely lost it. Mom said it was a little over the top, but who cares. Yeah, I screeched and whined and did my pogo-dog routine. The minute I got inside the park, I was off! I ran all over the place and met all the dogs. It was so much fun! Some of them wanted to play chase and I was definitely up for it! I was really moving when I passed by Mom. She was laughing because a HUGE Rottweiler was trying to catch me. She said he was the biggest one she’d ever seen. Yeah, and the slowest one too! After a little bit, Mom’s friend Kathy showed up with the girls. Kacie is the calm one. I guess she and my older brother Jack were good friends. She likes balls too, but not nearly as much as I do. No Way! Shannon is the crazy one. She’s the only poodle you’re ever gonna meet having a bad hair life. She’s all personality and all of that personality wanted nothing to do with me! I spent the whole day with her and the only thing I ever managed to get out of her was a growl and a raised lip. Whatever. I’m too much for her to handle anyway. I’m tall, thin, and fast! What’s not to love? They’re cute and all, but let’s be honest, all I really wanted to do was play with my ball anyway.

A quick follow up on Micky and me. When we went to bed last night, she clued me into the morning routine. Micky: Hey dude, just so you know, Dad gets up at an ungodly hour every day. Don’t even move when he gets up. That’s not when we get up. Dillon: Okay, when do we get up? Micky: We get up when the food lady gets up. Nothing is gonna happen until she gets her motor running. D: What about Dad? Doesn’t he need us to see him off? M: Nah! He’s fine. The only food he touches in the morning is for him. D: But he fed us on the weekend. M: That’s different. On the weekend he stays here after he feeds us and will play with us. During the week, he takes off for work and we’re left wandering around on our own until Mom gets up. D: Okay, so just stay in bed where it’s warm? M: Yes, trust me!

(The photo here is Micky & Me going to bed last night. Notice my ball is right next me in case I need it. If stuff goes down, I’m taking my ball!)


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