Dillon, day 15 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 15 of my life in DC!
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Monday, back to work for another week. We got up early this morning. Well, to be more accurate, I got up early. I couldn’t find a comfy place to sleep until very early in the morning. I started out burrowed under the blankets where it was nice and warm. Unfortunately, it was a bit too warm. Whew, time to move. Next I tried sleeping with my head out on the pillows. No dice there either. It was a bad angle and I started coughing. (Yeah, that woke everyone up… Sorry.) Finally, I just plopped down on the pillows. That was juuuust right! Of Course, that was about the time dad got up to go to work. I’d have gotten up to say goodbye, but I was exhausted from all my shifting around. So, he was on his own.

To give you an idea what bedtime is like around here, this is what happens every night. After we turn off all the lights and lock up the place, I collect all my balls and make sure they’re upstairs for easy access. While everyone cleans up, I make sure they get a little bit of exercise so they’re good and tired for bed. Each one gets to throw my ball at least a dozen times before bed. They seem to appreciate it because they both laugh and laugh as I scramble around the floor trying to scoop up my ball. Eventually, they grab a handful of cookies for Micky and me, which signals the end of the day. Although I get to sleep in the bed now, it isn’t all smooth sailing. Here’s last night’s conversation between Micky and Me right after we got our cookies. (At least this is the way I remember it…)

Micky: Okay, go away, get off the bed now! This is where I sleep! Dillon: They invited me. Micky: I didn’t. Sleep on the floor or in your crate. This is my house. Dillon: I live here too. M: Whatever. I’m still in charge. D: That’s fine. I’ll sleep down at the bottom of the bed. M: You had better not move around. I’ll chomp your butt! D: This is a big bed, can’t we share? M: No, I like to spread out. D: (Under my breath) Yeah, you’re starting to spread out alright, Porky! M: What was that? D: I said goodnight! M: Hmph!

Thank goodness she sleeps the sleep of the dead. When I had to move to cool off, I was terrified she’d wake up and start with those teeth. Did I mention what she does to the moles out back with those teeth? I guess this is all part of the hazing package, but she sorta sucks at it. In the morning, I come in from outside and she forgets to be mean to me and scampers around and plays with me for a hot second. Then, she comes to her senses and remembers she’s supposed to be the tough girl. And when she’s cold and wants to snuggle up to sleep, who do you think is her buddy? Whatever, she loves me. I’ll wear her down.


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