Dillon, day 9 of my life in DC!

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Dillon, day 9 of my life in DC!
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To catch you up, I was spirited away in the night from my foster home Georgia a little over a week ago. They called it a railroad or something, but I didn’t get to ride on any trains. I didn’t even see a train! After what seemed like forever, I spent the night at a place they said was very special. Something about a Rat Jam? Who knows, I think those ladies were drinking… There were no rats anywhere! On Sunday morning I got stuffed back in my travel crate and spent the whole day on the road with a new lady. I don’t know who she was, but she was very nice. If I hear “we’re almost there” one more time, I’m gonna bite someone!

This whole process seemed a little shady! We pulled up into a dark PetCo parking lot, alongside the only other car and more people got out. They were all covered up and I could barely see them. They said it was because of the freezing wind, but I don’t know.

Next thing I know, I’m driving away in a new car, wondering if I’d ever see the nice lady again. Oh well, these people seemed nice. Thankfully, this last ride wasn’t very long. When I finally got to get out of the car and stretch my legs, it was in my new backyard. This place is huge and there’s several levels for me to run around. As I was sniffing and exploring the place, my big sister, Micky, came out to say hello. I think I’m going to like her! She’s smaller than me and acts like she’s 100 years old, but nice to me! Then, all kinds of craziness started happening. Micky’s friends, Jack & Morgan, were visiting and I got to meet them too. They called them Dachshunds, but I think they look like little Weiners. Jack is Crazy! All he wanted to do was run around the yard barking and playing. Okay, I can do that. It was a lot of fun until Jack realized that I am WAY faster than he is. He’s used to being the fastest guy around. Not Anymore! We played for hours. I think we finally went to bed around 2 AM. Man, was I tired.

This new place is great. I get to sleep in the big room upstairs. The only thing I’m not wild about is their insistence on stuffing me into a tiny little box while my sister sleeps in luxury on the tempurpedic bed. Sure, they give me cookies before unceremoniously shoving me in, but I would still rather be on the bed. I try to tell them I’m not happy, but I’m so tired after playing all day, that I lose enthusiasm after a few minutes and pass out on my blanket with my ball under my head. Maybe one day I won’t have to sleep in that box, but this lady keeps talking about earning trust.

Did I mention my ball? I love my ball! And these guys have bunches of them. They’re Everywhere! Of course, I have my favorite, a little ChuckIt Whistler. I carry it with me everywhere. The other day, they took me to something called a Dog Park. I had no idea such places existed! You go through this gate and there’s dogs running around all over. I ran and ran and ran! There were so many balls there, I almost lost mine. What a great place. I can’t wait to go back!

My new home is pretty awesome. The lady there is really nice. Almost every day we go down into the basement and do something she calls “training.” All I know is I get lots of treats for doing things like sitting and laying down! What could be easier? The only thing that concerns me is that she says there’s gonna be a lot more. Micky doesn’t do training. She does snoozing. She’s really good at it! She can do it all day long. The guy who lives here is pretty cool too. He chases me around the house and plays with me. He has this thing about cameras though. Every time I turn around, he has a camera shoved in my face. I mean, some of the photos he puts up on facebook are just embarrassing.

I like it here! These people seem nice and they treat me really well. I get snacks every day just because. When we go to bed, they play ball with me and I get more cookies. When I get up, I grab my ball and they feed me breakfast. At lunch I get something called a “Bully Stick.” EVERY DAY! Holy Cow. (At least I think it’s part of a cow.) Oh well, I’m tired and I need to go outside and use what’s left of my energy to chase my ball a few more times before bed. Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be lots more adventures.

October 18, 2016 at 10:59PM

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