Dillon, day 14 of my life in DC!

AKA Parole Day!!

Great News, I’ve been paroled! No more Lockdown. I am now a full-fledged parolee. Not only did I not get locked in that horrible crate at bedtime, I got to sleep in the Big Boy bed. Woo Hoo! Oh, and let me tell you, it was everything I dreamed it would be. Soft CuddlDuds flannel sheets, down pillows, and a warm snuggly down comforter! It was like a dream! When I went to sleep, I was cuddled up next to Mom, AKA The Warden. I guess now she’s my parole officer because she wouldn’t let me get out of arms reach. I didn’t have my ball so I was a little out of sorts, but I decided to wait her out and go to sleep. At about 5:30 AM, I made my move. Ever so quietly, I inched my way out of her grasp and started to sneak away. That’s when I realized Dad is a sleeper agent. (I know, pun. Got it!) I didn’t get one step from Mom and he was on me like a bad habit. Fortunately, all he did was lift the covers and remind me that I was supposed to be sleeping. Oh well, back to bed. When we got up, the sleeper agent snatched me up and the morning routine started all over again. Back on the leash and dragged out into the cold to chase the Phantom Whizzer. So, to prove my point that I’m a big boy, I didn’t do anything. I thought this would impress dad, but he just seemed frustrated after walking me around the neighborhood for ten minutes. You just can’t please some people. Back inside, Micky had dragged herself out of bed so we got to eat breakfast. After breakfast, my parole officer wasn’t satisfied with Dad’s efforts, so back outside we went. Good Grief! I enjoy a nice walk, but c’mon! I was barely awake! Finally, I got to get on with my day. In case you think an 8-9 month old pup doesn’t have a real job, let me fill you in on all the things I have to do every day. Mom says I’m very interactive. I say it’s my job. Somebody has to keep track of these people. Unfortunately, they don’t seem very appreciative of my efforts. They’re always griping. When I come in the bathroom, they say “I can pee by myself!” But you shouldn’t have to! I love you Warden! What are we doing now? You’re Awesome! Laundry? Great! Let’s go down to the basement. Woo hoo! We’re going to the basement! This goes on all day. Wherever they go, I’m right there with them. I’m here to be supportive of everything they do! I’m kind of a big deal too. I’m very clever. Last night, I found a little green aligator in the toy basket. I swear it wasn’t in there yesterday! (I told you the toy basket was magic!) I was entertaining myself, minding my own business until the Warden spotted me having fun. Apparently eating the eyeballs is against the rules. My bad. Strangely enough, she gave it back when she realized just how amazing it was for me to get the eyeball out in the first place, much less without damaging the aligator. She tried and tried, but couldn’t get the other one out. That’s how I am! Amazing! This afternoon, we holed up in the house to watch something called Talladega; more of that NASCAR stuff. It’s all new to me, but everyone was as little irritated when the guy in the 22 car won. I was rooting for the 3 car! Tonight, I got to “work” for my dinner. Mom took me down into the basement/training center and worked on my basic training. We walked nicely on a leash, practiced sits and stays as well as “down.” I don’t know why she said it was working for dinner. I just followed her around and whenever I did what she wanted, I got pieces of hot dog. How is this work? When you add in all the time I spent in the yard chasing my ball, today has been a pretty good day! I even got a new ball!